Bartec ®

World's most popular rebar splicing solution

Bartec® is a full performance (tension / compression / cyclic / fatigue) rebar splicing system designed for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars from Ø12 to 50mm (ASTM #4 to #18).

Bartec an ACI 318 Type 2 splice recommended for splicing applications including those in a seismic environment.

BARTEC® system is designed to withstand an ultimate tensile performance up to 800 MPa, thus resulting in Bar Break performance on most of the rebar available on the market.


Product features

  • A standard Bartec® connection is made of a parallel-thread rebar coupler and two bars whose end have previously been enlarged before being threaded: thus the cross section of the bar isn’t reduced.
  • Solution supported by 3 high-productivity machines which prepare each bar in sequence: clean square cutting > bar end enlarging by cold forging > threading.
  • Thread on the rebar can be extended from a half-coupler to a full coupler length, allowing to use the very same coupler for positional applications (no need to rotate bars to perform the connection).


100% machine test
and stable machine process
45 sec
High productivity
containerized equipment
2,500 projects
successfully delivered in more than 20 years.


  • Simplify your inventory: A single standard coupler for most applications.
  • No reduction of cross-section area of the bar, making your coupler connection a strong point of the structure.
  • Working in tension/compression thanks to its parallel-thread technology.
  • Joints verified by visual inspection with no requirement to induce a specific torque value.
Germany / Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik
UAE-Dubai Municipality-NO. 130-2013
Poland -Instytut BADAWCZY DRÓG I MOSTÓW-Nr AT/2007- 03-1128/1
ICC ES-ESR-2166 & ESR-1705 / USA
Poland-Buidling Research Institute of Poland-AT-15- 8331/2010
Russia-Мосстрой сертификация-RU.MCC. 142.313.28406
Russia- Concrete Institute of Russia-POCC TH.CЛ87. H01502
Canade / Ministry of Transportation of Québec - N° 1586
United Kingdom / UK Cares 5011


At every moment of your customer journey, Dextra teams dedicate themselves to the making of smart construction solutions that allow our customers to reach higher productivity and safety level on their construction sites.

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Network & Services

Network - Dextra holds physical stocks on several continents, complemented in each country by the local inventories of our distributors. With this extended network, Dextra make sure our products are always at reach and available in reasonable times.

Delivery - For solutions which required to be customized for each project, Dextra can also go beyond our standard delivery times and offer accelerated delivery schemes. Consult us for more information.

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Manufacturing capabilities

From 3 major industrial sites located in Bangkok (Thailand), Guangzhou (China) and Mumbai (India), Dextra completely owns its manufacturing facilities and processes. This allows us to have complete control over the timing of our operations and the quality of the solutions produced.

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Testing facility

An independently accredited material testing laboratory, accredited to ISO-IEC 17025, is located at Dextra’s main Bangkok factory, allowing the testing of material and products.

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Quality & Certifications

Dextra aims to supply products that exceed the most demanding international technical approvals and it is our goal to create maximum customer satisfaction by complying with our clients’ needs and specified requirements.

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