Bangkok Arena

Bangkok Arena

The Bangkok Arena is a multisport indoor arena located in the Nong Chok district East of Bangkok. The arena was commissioned to host futsal tournaments, an indoor version of football. Nowadays the arena also hosts volleyball and basketball event as well as concerts. The arena can sit up to 12,000 people.

For this project, Dextra engineered and supplied in 2012 the Tension Bars suspending the roof of the building.

The long architectural bar systems are anchored onto concrete pylons and act as suspenders to hold the building roofing’s structrure.

For this project Tension Bars were supplied in Grade 700, the highest in our range. Highest grade allow a better performance/steel ratio and therefore make it possible to pick smaller diameter. This results in a thinner structure and overall better aesthetics. Moreover, diameter bars and lighter elements also ease handling and installation operations at site.

Each segment of bar is spliced to the next one by the use of coupler (no length adjustment) or turnbuckle (length adjustment and tensioning possible).

Connection to the concrete structure is performed thanks to fork ends set up onto steel gusset plates.

In total, those are more than 129 tons of Tension Bars which are anchoring the roof structure, with tendons exceeding 30 meters.

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  • CountryThailand
  • Start year2012
  • End year2012
  • ContractorEMC PCL
  • ConsultantArunChaiseri
  • OthersVSL (Thailand) - Fabricator


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