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Oct 2017 : Soft-Eyes installed at Singapore Marine Terrace Station

Four large diameter soft eyes have been installed in the diaphragm wall cages of the new Singapore MRT Marine Terrace Station during August 2017.

Soft-Eyes are made of GFRP rebar, which is used to substitute the steel reinforcement in the D-Walls of construction shafts. When the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) breaks through the D-Walls, it easily cuts the GFRP bars, saving time on project schedule and money on equipment usage.

Dextra has been the pioneer of this application since its first use in the Bangkok metro project in 1998 and has extensive experience for in-house design and manufacturing of Soft-Eyes.

The D-Walls installed on Terrace Station also feature Bartec® rebar couplers, a common application which allows for the horizontal re-connection of the station slabs.

Left: Part of the Soft Eye with overlap between steel & GFRP
Right: Bartec couplers in the D-Wall will be used for slab reconnection.

Left: Raising the Soft Eye in position
Right: Vertical position. Circular shape of the TMB breakthrough target is visible in light color.

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About Dextra

Operating since 1983, Dextra Group is a manufacturing, freight forwarding and trading company specialized in supplying the construction and industrial sectors. We have activities in more than 55 countries through our network of affliates and partners.

The world leading manufacturer of rebar mechanical splices, we also engineer and produce innovative architectural and geotechnical solutions in high performance steel and FRP composite materials.

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To be a global leader in engineering, manufacturing and delivery of high value added quality products and services for the construction industry.

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From day one, Dextra has self-managed its growth as a private equity Group, still fully owned by its founders and managers.

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Dextra Group has developed through a long history, during which it encouraged those with an entrepreneurial spirit and constantly strived towards innovation and growth, leading to diversification. Our three main activities are manufacturing, trading and project forwarding, all within the construction and industrial sectors.

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Working at Dextra

Dextra Group, funded in 1983, is a 900-people strong organization operating within the construction, building material, industrial & forwarding sectors.

With multiple teams on all continents collaborating on a daily basis, Dextra makes a point to build a strong inclusive multicultural work environment mixing people of various nationality and promoting gender equality in the workplace.

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