Tekla Groutec for Bartec - Worldwide
Popular TS2017
Tekla Griptec (Worldwide, Metric environment)
Popular V3.1 TS2016/TS2017
Tekla Groutec for Rolltec - Worldwide
Popular TS2017
Tekla Rolltec (For Canada)
Popular V2.3 / Tekla 2016
Tekla Rolltec (Worldwide, metric environment)
Popular V2.4 / TS2016,2017
Tekla Rolltec (Imperial environment)
V2.4 / Tekla 2016
Tekla Griptec (France, environnement français)
Popular V3.1 TS2016/TS2017
Tekla Fortec (Worldwide, metric environment)
V1.4 / TS2017
Rolltec Weldable Coupler
New V1.0 / Tekla 2018
Griptec Weldable Coupler
New V1.0 / Tekla 2018
Tekla Bartec (USA, Imperial environment)
Popular V1.0 / Tekla 2016
Tekla Bartec (Worldwide, Metric environment)
V2.8 / Tekla 2017
Tekla Fortec (Environnement rebar français)
V1.4 / TS2017
Tekla Bartec Weldable Coupler
New V1.0 / Tekla 2018
Dextra Tension bar for Tekla (TS2016-2018)
Popular V2.0
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